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Solutions to Final Expense and Pre-Planning Needs

Pre-Plan Your Funeral or Cremation

Pre-planning your funeral or cremation may sound odd however, it will greatly assist your loved ones when the time arrives.

The roman emperor Marcus Aurelius is quoted as saying, “Death smiles at us all, all a man can do is smile back”. It starts with having “the conversation”. Many people never initiate the dialogue because they want to avoid even thinking about it. This does not work. We should not leave our affairs and planning to our family. Seniors Choice Benefits Group is here to help you make those plans.

How Does Pre-Planning Work

Save money when you freeze your price forever. Avoid inflation and all future price increases.

By funding your funeral or cremation wishes with a Pre-need Insurance Policy, you pay today’s price for tomorrow’s funeral. Even if you live 20+ more years, your wishes are protected and funded by the Insurance Company. Pre-need Life Insurance is a little different than traditional life insurance, and our team is here to help explain it to you. If you move or want to change funeral homes, the Death Benefit will be paid to the funeral home providing your services.

Find the Right Plan for You

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Seniors Choice Benefits Group was created to help initiate the conversation on issues we will all face. We are proud to help families with a peace of mind that provides “Celebration of life” of a loved one in the way that the departed has planned. No confusion, no surprises – just how you wanted it.

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